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Project news blog

Workshop "BCP goes public" in Rostock on 19.12.2014

14-12-10 - Kristina Koebe
The follow-up project BCP is under development. Members of the future project consortium meet for a first workshop in Rostock on 10 December to discuss the overall concept and develop joint ideas.

Successful final project events in Szczecin and Rietavas

14-12-10 - Kristina Koebe
The project and its results were successfully presented on two BCP conferences in Rietavas (November 2014) and Szczecin (September 2014). The project met a lot of interest and several institutions expressed their will to join the international BCP consortium.

Article series on Rostock's BCP award at das-ist-rostock

14-06-24 - Kristina Koebe
An article series that presents all institutions nominated for Rostock's first BCP award "Kulturpate" started last week at "das-ist-rostock". Many thanks to the local online newspaper for helping us to promote the BCP idea and the award!

Business and culture players in one place exchanging their views

14-06-11 - Piotr Jankowski
On Tuesday, June 10th there was a workshop that took place in Szczecin in which the main players from the both environments took part. This was an opportunity to not only present the project concept and its progress but also to make people meet in one place and exchange their views. The meeting was very fruitful and the conclusions from there will be a part an article being a part of the business and art section.

Business and culture award in Szczecin

14-06-11 - Piotr Jankowski
Business and culture cooperation is becoming more and more popular these days – not only in our region but also in the international dimension. This is possible also thanks to the involvement of institutions of culture that support this idea through their activities. In September the business representatives were awarded on the occasion of Chamber’s Tea. This year’s Gala – the biggest event in the region gathering 1500 representatives of business and culture, politicians and media gave opportunity to award cultural player. The competition committee typed four institutions as candidates – State Museum in Szczecin, Contemporary Theater in Szczecin, Szczecin Philharmonic, Pionier Cinema. The final choice will be made via poll available on the website visited by the project stakeholder. The award will be given on Friday evening 13th of June.

Successfull PR campaign for the BCP Award "Kulturpate" in Rostock

14-06-06 - Kristina Koebe
7 publications in local media were the results of a press conference on the BCP award "Kulturpate" held in Rostock on 28.5.2014: there was a big interest and a lot of positive feedback from entrepreneurs as well as cultural players and wide public. Many thanks to the City of Rostock for the excellent preparation work!

Just another BCP article published in the series KulturUnternehmen in Greifswald

14-04-01 - Kristina Koebe

New insights and interesting opinions about the relation of business and culture in Greifswald give the monthly portrait of a culture friendly entrepreneur in the ‘Vorpommern Magazine’.

Final BCP event in Rietavas on 12 November 2014

14-03-27 - Kristina Koebe
The date of the pilot BCP event in Rietavas is fixed now - it will take place in November 2014 as a combination of event, conference and awarding the first BCP award to an entrepreneur who is particularly committed to culture. There are still several months left to prepare this - we are sure it will be great!

First awarding of the BCP award "Kulturpate" on 3.7.2014 in Rostock

14-03-25 - Kristina Koebe
The call for proposals related to the first awarding of Rostock's newly created "Kulturpate" award is nearly closed - just the right time to determine the date for the awarding ceremony: The winner will be presented and honored with the Kulturpate trophy on 2.7.2014 at Rostock's townhall - feel invited to come and celebrate with us!

Successful 5th partner meeting of the BCP team in Greifswald

14-03-19 - Kristina Koebe
The BCP partner consortium, the partners from Szczecin who have newly joint the project team included, met for a two-day meeting in Greifswald on 13./14.3.2014 to discuss the current status of project implementation and plan the joint and local activities in 2014. The work implemented so far was evaluated jointly and the partner team is proud to confirm a high quality and level of project achievements. It was agreed that the focus in 2014 can be put on the local BCP events in 4 partner places, the elaboration of the BCP platform and the implementation of the Julklapp events developed by the project.

BCP event in Rostock under preparation - save the date: 9.10.2014

14-03-03 - Kristina Koebe
The date for the pilot BCP event in Rostock has been fixed now: 9.10.2014. The event will take at the Kunsthalle Rostock as launching event for Rostock's Culture guide for companies. The cultural institutions involved there will meet on 17.3. for the first preparatory meeting.

kulturLokal. Business meets culture and vice versa - Pilot event on 28. February

14-03-03 - Kristina Koebe

Nearly 70 participants from culture, business and municipality of Greifswald followed the call for the first BCP-exchange event in Greifswald on 28 February. In the socio-cultural centre Sankt Spiritus 20 cultural groups and institutions presented their manifoldness to over 20 interested enterprises, economical institutions and representatives from municipality. The aim was to initiate first contacts and deepen existing relations between the two sectors. Both sides were requested to exchange about theirs needs, offers and possibilities of cooperation. Life music, culinary delights and an attractive tombola rounded off the open and ‘culture friendly’ atmosphere.

BCP award "Cultural patron of the Hanseatic City of Rostock" - call for proposals

14-01-16 - Kristina Koebe
Within the context of our BCP project, Rostock's Cultural Foundation in cooperaton with the Hanseatic City of Rostock launches a call for the company award "Cultural patron of the Hanseatic City of Rostock". The award was developed to honour companies and entrepreneurs who support a cultural project or a cultural institution in an extraordinary way. It will be awarded on the basis of proposals from the local cultural players in 2 year intervals. This first call will end on 31 March 2014. The winner will we awarded in a festive ceremony and receive a cultural object as award - the sculpture "harvest" designed by the artist Bettina Bauer.

Latest steps towards a sustainable network in Greifswald in December 2013

13-12-12 - Kristina Koebe
After detailed and constructive network-meetings with the District association of Craftspeople, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, The Business Development agency and the Saving Banks we feel fortunate that we can count on the support from our associated partners. In first line they can help us in dissemination activities and company contacts. To establish a sustainable structure of BCP-work in Greifswald we want to continue and extent his network in the following months.

15.11.2013: Art object nomination for BCP award in Rostock

13-11-14 - Kristina Koebe

The award „Patron of Culture“ will be awarded for the first time in Rostock in May 2014 to a company that promoted culture in a special way. It will the artwork that will be awarded to the nominated company. In this context, the City of Rostock in cooperation with the Culture Foundation Rostock launched an artist contest, inviting five artists to join there:

Bettina Bauer- Jewelry designer

Hinrich Brockmöller- Sculptor

Christoph Chciuk-  Graphic designer

Susie Vier- Painter

Janett Zeugner- Photographer

The jury that will nominate the contest winner comprises of five art experts, namely Simone Briese-Finke (Cubus e.V.), Rando Geschewski (Painter), Prof. Andrea Wippermann (Professor for Sculptor works at the University of Wismar),Thomas Werner (City of Rostock, Department of Culture, Monument Preservation and Museums) and Franziska Podszuck (Culture Foundation Rostock). 

BCP in Rietavas in October 2013

13-10-30 - Kristina Koebe

On the third week of October Rietavas Business Information Centre moved to a new building, earlier this building used to be Oginski family estate carriage „garage“. After renovation it turned into to Rietavas Culture Centre, sharing with Rietavas Tourism Centre and Rietavas Business Information Centre.

The first event in the new Home – South Baltic cross border cooperation programme SBTP Project gathering - was opened by students and teachers from Rietavas M.K Oginski Art School.

In the frame of Rietavas BCP concept implementation, a website address is booked. for establisment and development of e-platform, which will among other purposes promote artists and companies, serve as a tool of fundraising and community involvement.

At the moment RietavasBusiness Information Centre is preparing for the 4th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR, whil will take place in Vilnius on November 11-12. BCP Project will be presented in the Networking Village.



The first BCP exhibition in Szczecin

13-10-11 - Piotr Jankowski
On Friday 11th the first exhibition in the headquarter of Northern Chamber of Commerce has started. Currently the visitors (among whom we can distinguish the main stakeholders of the project) can enjoy the art during their business work. When visiting Northern Chamber of Commerce visitors experience art by taking part in the exhibition. The first event presents paintings of a handicapped artist who paints with his mouth. The photos the exhibition available below.

BCP activities in Szczecin

13-09-07 - Piotr Jankowski
On September 7th 2013 the implementation of events foreseen within the BCP model has taken place. During the Saturdays’ event which had the motto “Business and Art” the dissemination of the project took place and the prize for the development of cooperation between business and culture was awarded. The plenary part between 12:30 and 17:00 gave an opportunity to reach the stakeholders of the project through the promotion and information about the project, its model and future plans. Among the invited guests there were business people, culture players, politicians and media present during the whole part. The evening part, which started at 19:00 was a little bit more formal. During the evening part the first prize for the businessmen was awarded for their contribution into the development of cooperation between business and culture. The prize was awarded by the President of Northern Chamber of Commerce Dariusz Więcaszek and The Vice-Marshal of the Sejm – Jerzy Wenderlich.

BCP Xing-event in Rostock at the ITC

13-10-11 - Kristina Koebe
On 8.10.2013, the BCP project was presented within the context of the monthly XING-event in Rostock which was hosted by the ITC this time. More than 40 participants enjoyed an artistic presentation of the BCP idea implemented by Dramaukles and an introduction to the BCP idea made by the project team. The feedback was a very positive one - concrete ideas as well as the soon-coming Cultural Guide for Companies are urgently awaited now.

BCP news from Greifswald: 2 workshops with cultural players

13-08-26 - Kristina Koebe
stimulating discussions about the planned contact forum as one of our pilot events in 2014. We
want to implement an event – similar to a market place, with elements of a speed dating and
other forms communication – where acteurs from business and cultural field can meet each other
in an inspiring atmosphere and at eye-level. It became obvious, that, in addition to Know How and
logistic resources, financial support is always an important concern.

BCP Rostock: Jury for the Call for Proposals has been nominated

13-07-05 - Kristina Koebe
The jury members that decide upon the contributions to the BCP Contest (running Call for Proposals until 15.9.2013) in Rostock have been determined now. The jury will comprise of 5 members, namely:
1. Thomas Werner, Department of Culture of the City of Rostock
2. Manuela Balan, Entrepreneurs Association Rostock
3. Simone Briese-Finke, Stadtgespräche Rostock
4. Anette Handke, Kleist Museum Frankfurt Oder
5. Thorsten Ries, Managing Director Heinrich Hünicke GmbH & Co KG
Many thanks to all jury members for supporting this iniative - we are looking forward to hearing about your decision in October 2013!

Next project meeting on the horizon: Sczcecin on 5./6.9.2013

13-07-05 - Kristina Koebe
While all partners are busy with starting the preparation of their first local activities, our partners from Sczcecin prepare our 4th project partner meeting - it will take place in the beginning of September and provide another great opportunity to exchange latest experiences and to discuss the next working steps jointly.

This Project is part-financed by South Baltic Programme and the European Union.
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