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The BCP Project Partners

The BCP project started in 2012 with seven partners and ten associated partners. We provide a short partner description. To find out more details please select one of the parter from the partner list.
partner cities map

BCP Partners

Lead partner

flag City of Rostock | Rostock »

Lithuanian partners

flag PI Rietavas Business Information Center | Rietavas »
flag Strategic Self-management Institute (SSI) | Klaipeda »
flag Rietavas Mykolas Kleopas Oginskis Art School | Rietavas »
flag Rietavas Oginski Culture History Museum | Rietavas »

Polish partners

flag Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin | Szczecin »
flag The Urban Municipality of Szczecin | Szczecin »
flag Union of the Baltic Cities | Gdansk »

Other German partners

flag City of Greifswald | Greifswald »
flag Innovation and Trend Centre Bentwisch (ITC) | Bentwisch »
flag Stadtgespraeche e.V. | Rostock »
flag Entrepreneur's Association Rostock and Rostock Region | Rostock »
flag Theatre of Vorpommern | Greifswald »
flag Savings Bank Vorpommern | Greifswald »
flag District Trade Assembly Greifswald-Ostvorpommern | Greifswald »
flag Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern | Greifswald »
flag Cultural Association "Nordic Sound" | Greifswald »
flag Chamber of Industry and Commerce Neubrandenburg | Neubrandenburg »

This Project is part-financed by South Baltic Programme and the European Union.
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