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The BCP project started in 2012 with seven partners and ten associated partners. We provide a short partner description. To find out more details please select one of the parter from the partner list.
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City of Greifswald
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Hansestadt Greifswald



local public authority

Legal status:
public law

Project contact:

Birthe Dobroczek

Postal address
Hansestadt Greifswald
Stadthaus Greifswald, Markt 15
D-17489 Greifswald




Partner characterization

The University and Hanseatic town of Greifswald is the district town of the administrative district Western Pomerania-Greifswald in North-Eastern Germany. Around 60,000 people live in this city. Greifswald is one of the the youngest towns in Eastern Germany: every fourth inhabitant is between 18 and 30 years old. At the moment around 12,000 young people study at the university.

Greifswald’s economy is especially characterized by innovative and technology orientated companies which were and are found in connection with the university and external research institutes. It is an important scientific and business location with particular skills in the health care, electronics, energy, maritime business and tourism industries.

In relation to the size of Greifswald it offers a manifold and large range of cultural activities and events. Alongside the both biggest institutions Pomeranian State Museum and Theatre Western Pomerania there are Festivals such as “Nordischer Klang” (Festival of Northern Europe culture) and the polenmARkT (Festival of Polish culture) activate the historical connections of Greifswald with Scandinavia and Poland in a modern way. Moreover there are around 100 non profit associations that contribute to Greifswald’s cultural spectrum.

This Project is part-financed by South Baltic Programme and the European Union.
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