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About the BCP project.

Based on the understanding that there is strong need for establishing sustainable Business Culture Partnerships (BCP) structures with benefits for a) the cultural institutions, b) companies and entrepreneurs and c) improved identity and commitment in the implementing cities/regions, the project "BCP- Business Culture Partnerships" aims to establish BCPs.
BCP region Rostock BCP region Greifswald BCP region Szczecin BCP region Rietavas Pictures

This will be done by:
  1. Establishing an international cooperation and exchange network of the partner cities and, long-term, other cities that got attracted by the idea and the concepts developed in the project
  2. Joint development of concepts for BCP structures and events in an international consortium of partners, cultural and business actors and international BCP experts
  3. Implementation of these concepts a) in the partner cities and b) in other Baltic Sea region cities (long-term objective) in close international cooperation between the consortium members not only with positive local effects but also in visible cross-border relationship to each other, which will not only contribute to strengthening local commitment and identity but also the awareness of a joint South Baltic cultural area.
To reach these objectives, the project will start with joint analyses of every partner local preconditions and continue with an elaboration of BCP-concepts suitable for adaptation in the single partner cities. The local implementation will take place in visible reference to each other to ensure that not only local effects can be reached but also a new cross-border awareness can be established. This will be demonstrated in the pilot events that symbolize the start of the joint BCP work - local events in clear correlation with each other, documented to encourage other similar concepts, events or initiatives in third-party cities/towns and regions.

To ensure an optimum international exchange and cooperation but also a proper understanding and consideration of the relevant local structures which is essential to adapt the developed concepts properly to the relevant local situation, local meetings, involving the main local representatives of the cultural sector as well as SME representations, will alternate with meetings of the international consortium.

BCP project data

_Project name: BCP
_Type of EU project: South Baltic
_Number of partners: 7 + 9
_Lead partner: City of Rostock
_Contact: Thomas Werner »
_Project start: January 2012
_Project end: December 2014
_Management: Kristina Koebe »

BCP partner regions

BCP region Rostock
BCP region Greifswald
BCP region Szczecin
BCP region Rietavas

This Project is part-financed by South Baltic Programme and the European Union.
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