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Motivation for Rostock

The City of Rostock works on establishing a sustainably working BCP network under involvement of the newly established/settled companies (IT, maritime sector) and by opening the local BCP structures to SMEs where, so far, mainly the larger companies are active. One of the plans for the coming years is the establishment of a sustainably operated award for companies which support cultural institutions and activities.

BCP Contact in Rostock


file type BCP_analysis_rostock.pdf | 12-06-04 | Simone Briese-Finke | 502 kB
Description: Analysis BCP region Rostock
file type BCP Concept_Rostock_February 2013.pdf | 13-02-12 | Kristina Koebe | 562 kB
Description: BCP concept for Rostock, jointly elaborated by the partner team from summer 2012 to winter 2013 - basis of the BCP work in Rostock over the coming yea
file type Local BCP structures_Rostock_June 2013.pdf | 13-07-04 | Kristina Koebe | 217 kB
Description: Overview on the local BCP structures established in Rostock region for sustainable operation
file type BCP_Overall concept_June 2013.pdf | 13-07-05 | Kristina Koebe | 946 kB
Description: An overall approach to BCP work - methodology and generalizable ideas elaborated by the entire partner team
file type 2013bcp_Newsletter Rostock_July 2013.pdf | 13-07-11 | Kristina Koebe | 830 kB
Description: 1st BCP newsletter for Rostock region, issued in July 2013 by the Rostockean partner team
file type BCP_photo presentation_September 2014.pdf | 14-09-09 | Kristina Koebe | 3143 kB
Description: BCP photo presentation - a summarizing overview
file type Business Culture Partnership_Best Practice Book.pdf | 14-09-09 | Kristina Koebe | 2590 kB
Description: BCP best practice book - inspiration for third parties interested in BCP
file type 2014bcp_company-support_web.pdf | 15-01-14 | Tom Maercker | 1227 kB
Description: BCP-Flyer for Companies: How companies can support culture ...
file type 2014bcp_flyer-web.pdf | 15-01-14 | Tom Maercker | 3427 kB
Description: BCP-Flyer: What Business-Culture-Partnerships do - some examples ...
file type The BCP Plattform Concept_March 2015.pdf | 15-04-22 | Kristina Koebe | 960 kB
Description: The concept of the BCP crowdfunding portal developed in the project - available for use by third parties
file type Kulturpate 2016_Aufruf Einreichung Vorschlaege.pdf | 15-12-15 | Kristina Koebe | 279 kB
Description: Aufruf: Vorschläge für den "Kulturpaten" 2016

Description: Photo gallery - BCP Mayor's Julklapp 2014 - some impressions

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