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Motivation for Szczecin

The overall objective for the Szczecin is the development of a strategy how to involve interested companies into cultural activities, i.e. a strategy to enable more effective investments into culture in the future and the establishment of decision making procedures on spending purposes as a basis of decision-making in local BCP clusters.

The Northern Chamber of Commerce intends to create an internal commission, that will associate entrepreneurs interested in investing in culture, representatives of the authorities responsible for culture, and representatives of the science i.e. rectors of the universities. The commission established in this way could meet on regular basis. Those meetings would be held in framework of our local workshops, that either way must take place six times during the project implementation. The aim of these meetings would be to discuss the way of investing in culture strategically. The effects of discussions and meetings would provide basis to elaborate a pattern for cooperation between culture and business that is the expected outcome of the project. Ultimately, there would emerge a cluster that would associate bodies that invest in culture, and that would be our model developed during the project.

Within the commission there would be appointed a council consisting of a representative of business environment, a representative of the authorities, a representative of a university and other members.

The first meeting would aim to convey the idea of the project towards the main players in the region, to give the basic information about the project and some information about our expected outcome of the meetings associating the bodies interested in investing in culture, and how we plan to accomplish this objective. In the long term perspective we would develop a strategic model of investing in culture. In order to provide great success of the project we plan to put a lot of effort in dissemination of BCP.

BCP Contact in Szczecin


file type BCP_Analyses_Szczecin.pdf | 12-06-04 | Piotr Jankowski | 284 kB
Description: Analysis BCP region Szczecin
file type BCP_concept_Szczecin.pdf | 13-07-05 | Kristina Koebe | 516 kB
Description: BCP concept for Sczcecin, Status June 2013
file type Template_local BCP structures_2013 szczecin.pdf | 13-09-12 | Piotr Jankowski | 287 kB
Description: The bcp structure for the NCC
file type BCP_photo presentation_September 2014.pdf | 14-09-09 | Kristina Koebe | 3143 kB
Description: BCP photo presentation - a summarizing overview
file type Business Culture Partnership_Best Practice Book.pdf | 14-09-09 | Kristina Koebe | 2590 kB
Description: BCP best practice book - inspiration for third parties interested in BCP
file type 2014bcp_flyer-web.pdf | 15-01-19 | Tom Maercker | 3427 kB
Description: BCP-Flyer: What Business-Culture-Partnerships do - some examples ...
file type The BCP Plattform Concept_March 2015.pdf | 15-04-22 | Kristina Koebe | 960 kB
Description: The concept of the BCP crowdfunding portal developed in the project - available for use by third parties

Description: Photo gallery - BCP Mayor's Julklapp 2014 - some impressions

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