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Motivation for Rietavas

Rietavas is a new municipality, 50 km from the coast. Rietavas community has strong links and relations. People identify their locality with noble Oginskiai family and their initiations.

There is a need to establish a network, which will serve as a platform for sustainable contacts between business and culture and find a form of operation to ensure that it continue working after the project.
  • This will strengthen identity of Rietavas and promote its distinctiveness.
  • Cultural organisations will be stimulated to develop new innovative products/services which are attractive for the business companies, and learn better marketing, so to sell their products/services and earn money.
  • Business companies while buying products/services from cultural organisations will gain added value - improve their environment, climate, and other "soft" components for their companies and will be able to invest more strategically and in a sustainable way.

BCP Contact in Rietavas


file type BCP_analysis_Rietavas.pdf | 12-06-04 | Laima Dockeviciene | 473 kB
Description: Analysis BCP region Rietavas
file type Mayor's breakfast on BCP in Rietavas.pdf | 12-09-03 | Kristina Koebe | 177 kB
Description: Mayors breakfast on BCP in Rietavas on 21 August 2012
file type Towards Rietavas cultural identity.pdf | 12-09-14 | Kristina Koebe | 180 kB
Description: Preconditions and perspectives of Business Culture Partnerships in Rietavas, LT
file type Link Rietavo kulturinio identiteto.pdf | 12-11-19 | Rasa Baliuleviciene | 438 kB
Description: Link Rietavo kulturinio identiteto, Stasys Paulauskas, 2012 rugsėjis
file type BCP Concept 2013 06 30 ENG.pdf | 13-07-04 | Rasa Baliuleviciene | 664 kB
Description: BCP concept for Rietavas, Status June 2013
file type Rietavas BCP structures 2013 06 30 ENG.pdf | 13-07-04 | Rasa Baliuleviciene | 604 kB
Description: Overview on the local BCP structures established in Rietavas for sustainable operation
file type Rietavas BCP Concept 2014 03 01 ENG.pdf | 14-04-07 | Rasa Baliuleviciene | 597 kB
Description: BCP Concept for Rietavas, status March 1, 2014
file type BCP_photo presentation_September 2014.pdf | 14-09-09 | Kristina Koebe | 3143 kB
Description: BCP photo presentation - a summarizing overview
file type Business Culture Partnership_Best Practice Book.pdf | 14-09-09 | Kristina Koebe | 2590 kB
Description: BCP best practice book - inspiration for third parties interested in BCP
file type 2014bcp_flyer-web.pdf | 15-01-19 | Tom Maercker | 3427 kB
Description: BCP-Flyer: What Business-Culture-Partnerships do - some examples ...
file type The BCP Plattform Concept_March 2015.pdf | 15-04-22 | Kristina Koebe | 960 kB
Description: The concept of the BCP crowdfunding portal developed in the project - available for use by third parties

Description: Photo gallery - BCP Mayor's Julklapp 2014 - some impressions

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