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Project time schedule
Local Julklapp in Szczecin on 28 November 2014

Local BCP Julklapp in Rietavas on 12.12.2014

Local BCP Julklapp in Rostock/Bentwisch

Final BCP event in Rietavas, including a conference and BCP award

June 2014
Monocultures are boring! With a flowering PR-action we want to surprise and motivate existing and po

Local BCP event at the Kunsthalle Rostock

October 2014
2. kulturLokal in connection with the annual BCP-event in Greifswald.

Final BCP conference and BCP event in Szczecin

First awarding of Rostock's BCP award "Kulturpate"

May 2014
Special BCP information event in cooperation with a tax consultancy from Greifswald: focus is the la

End of the call for the BCP award 2014 in Rostock

December 2013
Publication of the Culture Guide for Companies in Rostock

Launch of the call for the Idea contest in Rostock, start of the related marketing campaign

May 2013
New issue of the BCP newsletter in Greifswald

BCP-Concept finalization for all partners

June 2013
Publication of the BCP flyer for Greifswald

June 2013
Formation of the extended BCP team in Rietavas

June 2013
Workshop with cultural players in Greifswald

from June 2013 on
Promotion of the Szczecin BCP concept in local media and presentations

July 2013
Survey about artists in Rietavas

July 2013
Call to artists for creation of the Rostockean "BCP award"

This Project is part-financed by South Baltic Programme and the European Union.
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